Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We're in a Contest

The humans have decided to write lots of computer things this month, and I'm included! This is going to be fun. Even without fingers, I'm looking forward to talking on the internet. It has something to do with baby steps, I think. That's what's on Daddy's I went on-line and found my own set of baby steps:

Here we go!



Yarntangler said...

Well Clancy, It's been a long time since you took baby steps! Happy 5th Birthday. We sure are glad you decided to rescue us. who knew then what a clever dlogger you would turn into?

spiritualastronomer said...

What a cute picture!

hilly said...

Hey Clancy!! Its great to have you back to. See ya around the dlogs..

Old Newsie said...

Hey Clancy, you didn't need those steps when you jumped and landed on my tummy while I was laying on the sofa in the den.