Friday, April 3, 2009

New Experiences

We're "in town" now, and so I have to be on a short leash, and can't dig or bark as much as I could out in the country. But the "in town" animals can be pretty weird. There are some other dogs around...I know because I'm not allowed to bark at them; and there are a few cats I'm not allowed to chase. But the "in town" animals are a new experience entirely:

In the middle of the night, usually several times, there's one that runs really fast along the street, making a "whoop-whoop" kind of sound that hurts my ears. There are strange red lights that must come out of its head and spin around...they shine in the window and make me kind of nervous.

Another animal makes a loud, grinding sound and eats all the trash really early in the morning. It makes a funny "beep-beep-beep" sound when it moves backwards.
Then there's the one that licks up all the dirt from the street. It comes around about the same time as the trash-eater, and makes a kind of shuffling, snuffling sound out in the gutter.

We went for a ride the other day, and I saw a heard of town animals that really made me look twice:
Most of them were yellow, and they were mostly pretty big. I think they're called "double fines" because dad said we were driving through a "double fine zone" when we saw them, and slowed way down.

They were in a corral made of little red-striped fences, and most of them were grazing. Some were eating the asphalt, and some were eating the dirt. A lot of the smaller ones were resting. I think the yellow ones were related to the trash-eaters, because they made the same sound when they moved backward.

So I've learned that there are lots of other animals in the world that I never even knew existed. I can't wait to move spmeplace else and see some more.

I really like RV'ing. It really helps a dog broaden her horizons.
-Woof at ya later.


Old Newsie said...

Well, Clancy, for a four or five year old kid, you sure are getting a lot of learnin' real fast. Have you seen yet that big bird that sometimes comes flying over in the nightime with a big spotlight shining dow on you? That's a police officer in the sky. Or maybe a dog officer?

hilly said...

Did you get your birthday present from mom and dad yet?? Who knows maybe one of your new found animals will become your buddy. Happy huntin'

love you,