Sunday, April 26, 2009

Attack of the Hissin Cousins

I heard Dad and Mom talking about an old movie one time. It was called The Curse of the Cat People. Besides being an absurd idea - cats, while they may be a curse, are not people no matter what they say - it was apparently a pretty awful movie. There were lots of female humans mewling all the time in that screechy noise they and cats make.

But today I found out about something that some of my friends might think of as a horror movie come to life. To make matters worse, it forces me to reveal the skeleton in my closet, something I never planned on having you all know. To my utter embarrassment, I have feline cousins.

There are really a lot of them too. In New York there are Bubba, Arial, and Tia. In Arizona there are Gizmo, George, and the mythical Queenie. I know there are a couple in Washington too but they don't talk to me at all so I can't remember their names. I don't think there are any in California but you never know, they multiply like - cats!

Well, I could have spent my whole life happily ignoring these Hissin Cousins but no! Today I found out that Bubba had the audacity to think he can write a blog, only he decided to be oh so clever and call it a C-LOG! *&^%&#$@! And he couldn't even do it without being catty about it. Wait 'til you hear what he called it.

Okay I need to calm down, he's a cat, what does he know? Cats are the original hacks (as in hair balls heh heh) this won't last long. I'll be be magnanimous, I'll even tell my buds and their humans about Bubba's C-LOG (these days humans need to laugh). So here goes... Friends, my cousin Bubba has begun to put down his thoughts. (Don't worry they don't take long, he's a cat after all) . If you want a good laugh go read it and maybe even follow it. It's called In Answer to a Loud Dogg.

There, I did it. Now do I get a treat?

Woof at you later,
(dumb feline can't even spell dog!)


Old Newsie said...

Clancy -You're mean to talk about your feline cousins tat way. You even chased away a cousin from your humans' mmotorhome, did't you.Well, I guess you can be mean if you want to be mean - just like me,,I chase my neighbor's cat out of the yard three or four times a niht. Your friend, PINKY

Bubba Zee said...