Friday, April 10, 2009

Here's What Happened Today

So this afternoon we went for a ride. it was one of those rides where we drive for a little while and then stop. Mom gets out at somebody's house and Dad and I wait while she looks at stuff in the garage or drive way.

Today she bought a bunch of flower pots. Those nice big ones that people have by their front doors. She put them all in the back of the Jeep but she didn't get any plants so now we have five empty pots. They look kind of silly just sitting there.

She also got a blue rug to put near the door to keep the dirt out. I like rugs,I have some of my very own rugs. I have one in our RV, up in the window so I can look out and watch people wave at me( I don't wave back, I just look at them). I have two outside that I can pull around and put wherever I want. I even have one at Sage Word's house.

While we were going for a ride, Dad stopped at a place where they have tables outside and they serve people treats. I really like people treats, especially that really cold stuff that comes in a funny cup you can eat. Sometimes it comes on a stick but you can't eat eat the stick. But today they just got water, at least that's all they gave me.

When we got home I wanted to sit out side for awhile but it got really windy. The awning was flapping up and down a lot and making a lot of noise. and the big rug that's supposed to be under my little rugs was blowing all over and was even on top of mine. Dad went and got some big rocks and put them on the corners. I really don't like wind at all so I went inside with Mom. I'll try out the rocks tomorrow; they look pretty easy to get tangled around so they have to come out and say "poor thing" and give me a treat after they get me unwound. After that, Dad decided to go to the store and get some deflappers. Honest, that's what he called them.
He did. In fact, he got a whole bunch of them. And now the awning is unflappable.

Yeah Dad!

Woof at ya later,

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Old Newsie said...

You're a funny little girl, Clancy

You didn't know what a deflapper was?

Neither did I until I saw the picture