Saturday, April 4, 2009

Leash Laws

Dad and Mom are really the best humans in the world. They love me and take really good care of me and best of all they take me to places all over the country. But my favorite thing in the world is to hear is "go for a walk".

I really don't care where we go as long as we go. I like going with Yarntangler. Mom makes me walk with her on the short purple leash. That's okay, but she doesn't like to explore muddy places and all those wonderful spots that stink so enticingly. And she never lets me play with dead things. She's good for a long slow walk when I'm in the mood to mind my manners.

One neat thing about going with Mom is that she likes to talk to other humans-a lot. Sometimes they are walking their pets too and we get to sniff, converse. Sometimes it turns out that those humans are attached to some pretty strange companions,let me tell you. Here are a few we've seen.

That little black guy was really pretty cute; talked kind of funny though.

I'm not too sure what this one was. I don't think he knew either to be honest. But he never made a sound at all.

I tried to catch a bird once but it ran right up into the sky. It would have been easier if it had been on a leash.

At first I thought Flopsy was a bunny.
But she said she was a Guinea Pig.

Walking with Geezerguy is a whole different experience. He puts me on one of those leashes that can be long or short. As long as I don't run into the road or pull him down an embankment into a creek, he usually lets me take the lead and stretch out the leash as far as I can. We go some pretty wild places and I've seen some unbelievable things when I walk with Dad.

These two were just weird!

This was completely unexpected. And none of them sniffed my butt either, probably a good thing, I would have had to sniff theirs and one of them did not smell too good!

The other cool thing about going with Dad is that sometimes we take reall
y long walks. That's okay with me, I'm never really ready to go back and Dad's stamina is pretty good for an old human. But I admit I got kind of jealous when we were in South Dakota last summer. We saw this guy walking his pet near Interstate 90 at 1880 Town where we worked for the summer.

Now this man knows how to go for a walk!

Oh well, maybe Geezerguy can work his way up to a walk like that.

Sometimes I wish I could go for a walk without the leash. Trouble is, I get so excited I run all over and forget to come back for a long time and they get mad. I've learned to live with it and sometimes they take me to Dog Parks where I can run around with a bunch of other friends.

And then every once in awhile I spot something that makes me realize life can really be fair.


Woof at you later,

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~loneduck~ said...

yes Clancy sometimes life can be fair and sometimes even funny. but just remember that the leash you go on is put there cause they love you ask them about the ones they have on each other some time.