Friday, January 30, 2009


So how was I supposed to know? It was right there under the porch. It smelled good, looked good, and the box was open. So I dragged it out from under the porch and sampled a few. Then I had a few more.

Not bad...not bad...

Then I heard Mom say,"What has Clancy got?" Dad came running over and took the box away from me.

Not good!!!!!!!

Mom freaked out! Dad freaked out!

The next thing I knew we were in the car and mom was awfully tense. We drove to a nice place with a nice patch of grass out side. The interesting thing about the grass was that I could tell lots of other dogs had been here before.

But they wouldn't let me check it out. We went inside. Yeah! A people place where they let me go in. This was getting more intriguing by the moment. There was a Pekingese sitting with a lady on one side and a couple of my favorite creatures-kids- sitting with two baby labs on the other side. Hmmm, seems I've been in a place like this before...nah...they wouldn't do that to me again ...would they?

Then a guy I didn't know came and picked me up and put me on a scale. 18.9 lbs. that's not bad at all. I've only gained 2 lbs since I was a year old. I'm almost 5 years old now but I don't show it. Humans all think I'm still a "sweet little puppy".

I went back to tell Mom I wasn't overweight and found Grandfather had come to the place too and he was looking kinda worried. Before I could tell them my good news another guy came and took me into a room with a big cold table. Dad came with me but then they told him to go wait with Mom.

Now I was was beginning to get a bit worried myself but they were really nice. They put some drops in my eyes which made me a little sleepy and just as I started to relax my tummy went BLURP!

Then it went BLURP again.

Then it went BLURP again.

And while I was busy BLURPING out green stuff they stuck me in the butt with a needle!

Finally they took me into another room with another table and they let Mom and Dad and Grandfather come in too. They talked awhile but I didn't pay much attention because I was still BLURPING a little bit. Then they gave Mom some pills for me (Dad thinks he's fooling me every morning when he asks me if I want a treat- but I know they are pills- they don't taste too bad so I let him think he's got me hornswaggled).

The nice man-they called him The Vet -told Mom to get something called peroxide in case I ever ate any of those green things again. Then she is supposed to give me 15 CCs (is that for Clancy Cumberland?). Then they will have to take me to a vet again to make me BLURP some more

Well it was an interesting day but the BLURPING wasn't much fun. So I thought I'd warn all my friends out there. Mystik and Annie and Barny and Pinky and Maxie and Makita and all the rest of you, and I guess even the cats, that if you ever find a box like this
Don't eat the green things!

Woof at ya later,


Old Newsie said...

Clancy my friend, I know that a while ago Santa promised that because you didn't get a Christmas gift up in Coffeyville, you would probably find one down here in Hobbs if you sniffed around enough but what you sniffed and found wasn't the one. I sure hope that you are really Ok now that you've swallowed most of those goodies Dr. Armstrong gave you.

Old Newsie

JuliannMitchell said...

Hey Clancy,

Buddy I am glad you are doing okay. That green stuff sounds nasty. Thanks for the heads up I will try to avoid anything like that in the future. I appreciate it. Hope you continue to do well.

Your canine pal,
PS Maybe you can get your parental units to give you a new toy since you were so ill.

Sage Words said...

Well Clancy, you're not the first one to be rushed off to spend time with a "Nice Man" after eating something in front of your Mom & Dad! Just ask Jugglesourcerer next time you see him!

I'm glad you're ok, and Chica and I are really looking forward to seeing you soon!

-Sage Words

Old Newsie said...

Hey Clancy, this is Old Newsie posting a comnment from Loneduck and Hilly. They said
"Loeduck and I are glad to hear you are doing
ok now. Sounds like quite an ordeal for a sweet little girl like you to go hrough.Keep us up to date on how you're feeling when you're able to use the computer that is. We love you and miss you. Hilly and LD

Bob and Sharon said...

Clancy, we're so glad you are ok. How scared your Mom & Dad were, please be very careful what you get into