Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Strange Day in Tulsa

People are hard to understand. I like Mom and Dad, but sometimes they’re just weird. Like today for instance.

Last night I took a lot of left over supper wrappings out of the bag they call the "trash", and chewed them up because they smelled really good. (I still don’t know why they go to all the trouble of putting stuff like that into a bag for me if they don’t want me to have it.) Anyway, for my punishment, as usual, I had to go to my bed and lie down. I put on the usual hang-dog “I’m sorry” look, and that seemed to satisfy them. Actually I was kind of tired anyway, so I just closed my eyes.

I figured I’d still be in trouble today, because they were keeping a close watch on me, and using words like “bored” and “antsy”, which usually means they’re talking about me. So you can imagine my surprise when they decided we were going “for a ride”. In the “Jeep”. Those two sounds almost always mean we’re going to get into the small house and take really short trips, and I get to sit guard while they go inside strange buildings and come back out with bags of things. Well, what the heck.

After a while, and a couple of good guarding jobs (I always know when I’ve done a good job, because Dad is very surprised that nobody stole the “car”…that’s his pet name for the little house) I was out of trouble and back in the “Good Girl” category. Then they went to one more place, and when they came out they had a present for me!

Now, here’s the weird thing…they were all happy and petting me and real excited for me, and said I was getting it for being such a Good Girl. You know what it was? Are you ready for this?

It was a new bed.

That’s right. I was such a good girl they got me something new to go lay down on when I’m bad.

People. What are you going to do?

Actually, it’s pretty comfy, so maybe it won’t be so bad getting into trouble next time.


Joey said...

Hi Clancy! Thanks for stopping by my bloggie. I agree - sometimes humans are hard to understand. But they have their good points - they think we're the cutest things in the world...and they know how to open the Milk Bone box.

Your friend,

JuliannMitchell said...

Hey Clancy,
I found your blog. Very cool. I see that we share a disdain for CATS. I live with one named Salem and he causes me no end of trials and tribulations. Hope you are enjoying the New Year. My resolution has been to sleep more and chase the CAT often.