Thursday, July 23, 2009

News From the Back Yard

Dad Returns From the Vet's!
Woof ! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!

That's my woof limit since ordinarily I'm not supposed to bark but this is the best thing that's happened to me in weeks. Dad's not as fast as he was before he went to the vet's but he says we'll get back to normal soon. Yesterday, Mom finally let us go for a walk by ourselves without a bodyguard! It's pretty strange though; we are still living at Sage's house. Dad has a funny bed that moves up and down and is really high (but I can jump really high too so I get to take naps with him-lots of naps). They said we will stay here until Dad can drive the Jeep in two more weeks.

Skooba Returns to Washington

Skooba had to go home to his own dog Mikita right after Dad came home. I really miss him. He was fun to go for walks with because he went different places so we could explore (and nobody has set up a drippy water bowl for me since he left). I'll bet Mikita and Pearlie like playing with Skooba too and they must have missed him. I know Mom and Dad and Sage and Chica miss him too but we are all glad he came to visit us.

Lone Duck Came and Went

The night before Skooba went to Washington he opened the door and brought me a really big surprise. Lone Duck came to see me all the way from New York. I used to know LD in California and he's a lot of fun to play with. We played in the back yard and went for walks, really slow ones, with Dad almost everyday for a week.

Sometimes we went by ourselves but that wasn't always a good idea. All the houses without wheels look alike out here in Tucson and my DPS unit still doesn't work. As for Lone Duck, he doesn't do well in the desert. He was even mentioned on CNN one time for getting lost in a different desert in someplace called Iraq. But this time it only took Chica to find us, not the whole US Army. He had to go home, too the other day. Back to Hilly and Bubba (I understand leaving me for Hilly, but that dumb cat? C'mon!)

Chica and Sage Words Given Honorary Pet Status.

As you know, I adopted Mom and Dad when I was at a shelter in New Mexico four years ago. A bunch of us were staying there waiting to pick out just the right humans to be our companions for the rest of our days. They came in one day and I liked them right off the bat. So I agreed to go home with them and let them take me to all kinds of neat backyards all over America.

This past month we have been staying at Sage and Rosemary (Chica) Words back yard and their house without wheels. They have been really nice to me. They bring me bones from the restaurant, let me wash almost all of the dishes, take me for nice long walks at night when the hard dirt isn't too hot for my poor aching paws. Sage lets me climb on him when he lays on the floor because I know Dad is still too sore for that. Chica calls me Miss Clancy and talks that sweet kind of talk to me that's fun to hear. She says all the words that I know mean me. Sweet, precious, cute, awe ...well you know the ones.

Last night Sage even bought me my very own package of ice cream! It's called Frosty Paws and he said it was all for me. Mom laughed a lot about that but I ate every bit.

So I decided they can be my Pet Humans too.

This is a picture of me, helping Dad and Sage fix Mom's laptop.

Woof at ya later,


spiritualastronomer said...

Great job, Clancy!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your helping take care of dad just like everyone else Clancy. Thats a very important job you know. We are very proud of you for doing your part.

Well Clancy I know LD completely enjoyed his visit with you, dad and the family while he was out there. Bubba did miss him though, he tried very hard to keep me up nights looking for his daddy.

Give mom, dad, Sage and Chica all doggy kisses for LD and I ok?

By the way Bubba says "meow, meow" (thats "hi clancy" in cat talk)

love and miss you,

Old Newsie said...

This is Pinky answering you. I;m glad you gave oldnewsie all the news because yarntangler hasn't got around to using her laptop late. But maybe Sage and Geezer fixing herlaptop might get her moving sometime soon. I'. tring to be friendly with you but I still haven't devided I like you